Follow My Clients has a no tolerance SPAM policy.  Customer accounts will receive one warning if they send unsolicited email messages or if they are above the acceptable SPAM threshold of .1%.  After the initial warning, if an account remains in violation of the SPAM threshold, it will be terminated.

Each Follow My Clients customer must accept the Terms and Conditions prior to using the system and as part of the sign up process.   As part of its agreement, each customer must agree to only send permission-based emails. "Permission-based" means that all Recipients must have opted-in to receive communications from that customer.

An opt-in can occur either via a sign-up form on a web site, at a point-of-sale sign-up form, or on a physical sign-up sheet. Purchased lists may not be used within the Follow My Clients system, regardless of the source or permission status.

One of the core tenants of Internet and e-mail marketing is “permission marketing.”  Permission marketing is the practice of only marketing to prospects who opt-in or choose to be marketed to.  Unsolicited bulk e-mail from marketers is referred to as “SPAM” and is almost always unwelcome from clients. 

As a customer of Follow My Clients, you may not:

Harvest emails from web sites

Purchase lists (whether they are opt-in or not)

Add an email address into a list without the subscriber’s permission

Email someone who has requested to be removed from your list

Utilize a list older than 6 months without reconfirming the recipients’ subscriptions/opt in status

As a customer of Follow My Clients, you may:

  • Send out a regular newsletter, information or email to a recipient who has opted-in to receive it

If you are using the system and co-branding information with a referral partner, the contacts you are emailing must be opted in to the co-branded partners list.  At no time may a cold contact be uploaded into the system and/or sent an email. 

Spam Policy Enforcement

Follow My Clients has a no tolerance spam policy. We take strict measures to enforce our policy including:

We review and monitor large list imports and limit accounts to 1,000 contacts.

A record is saved of every email that is sent through the system.

Any customer found to be using Follow My Clients for spam will receive ONE warning and them will be immediately cut-off from use of the product.

We maintain the IP address and date subscribed for every new Recipient.

These regulations are put in place due to Federal Regulations set forth in the CAN-SPAM Act which can be reviewed at

You must abide by this agreement at all times when using the Follow My Clients system.  Any deliberate uploading of cold lists or sending emails considered SPAM is subject to immediate termination in the program.

OK to Email in FMC

You have an opt-in form on your website clearly stating that they will receive emails by filling out their information.

You meet with a new partner, client, prospect, etc. and exchange info.  You ask their permission to add them to your email list and they say yes.

You run a contest where people become eligible to win something by opting into your newsletter.

You can upload a co-branding partner’s list into FMC as long as that person has permission to email those contacts AND the partner’s information is listed on the email as a co-branded partner.

You hold an event and have a fish bowl or box for people to drop in their card/info to receive further information from you.

Not OK to Email in FMC

You purchased a list of Realtors, Prospects, Clients or any other type of list through a service.  NO!!!  You cannot email this type of list through Follow My Clients.

If you pull emails from Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media site and the person has not expressly given you permission to email them, you cannot upload those contacts to FMC.

Scraping emails off of the Internet and adding them to your list is not allowed.  These people have not opted in to receive emails from you.

If you have any question about whether a person should receive an email from you, it is better to email them individually (through your personal/work email) than to add them to a mass list.